"It's rewarding to give to causes I care about"

Cheryl Benson

ena williams koschel bw

"I believe there is power in a concerted effort to strengthen our community"

Ena Willams Koschel

christa sanford bw

"I love making a difference with my sisters"

Christa Brown Sanford

Gwen George bw

"Giving to our people gives me such an incredible feeling of purpose."

Gwen George

Shonn Brown bw

"I want to highlight the generosity of African-American women"

A. Shonn Brown

vera ingram bw

"I want to show my daughter what's possible when Black women work for each other and with each other"

Vera Ingram


"It's rooted in the values and beliefs I received from my parents . . ."

Aliah Henry

shawn wills bw

"I want to make my daughters proud"

Shawn Wills

Diane Reeves bw

"Our community is worth it"

Diane Reeves

JanieceEvansPage bw

"I want to showcase the power of our collective voice to change and elevate our Black community"

Janiece Evans-Page


"I care about investing in our community for the next generation"

Donna James-Harvey

Vicki Blanton bw

"My Village invested in me and I wanted to pay it forward"

Vicki Blanton

lisa montgomery bw

"Our Community Needs Us"

Lisa Montgomery

Natalie Plumlee

"I'm thankful to be able to give back and be a blessing to others"

Natalie Plumlee

margo mcclinton bw

"It's meaningful to make a collective impact on our community"

Dr. Margo McClinton Stoglin

Tara Buckner HS copy

"I'm passionate about making a difference"

Tara Buckner

frances waters bw

"Our legacy as Black women is too precious to forsake"

Frances Cudjoe-Waters

Annika Cail

"I want to make a difference in our community"

Annika Cail

juanita harris bw

"I believe everyone has something to give"

Juanita Harris

Michelle Rock bw

"Supporting and uplifting each other helps our community"

Michelle Rock

Lisa Gardner bw

"Pouring into our community gives me purpose"

Lisa Gardner

Sheri Crosby Wheeler bw

"We have the power to influence change when we work together"

Sheri Crosby Wheeler

Katherine Haskel bw

"I want to continue in the tradition of benevolence started during Emancipation and Reconstruction."

Katherine Haskel

Leticia McGowan bw

"I was raised by a Village that nurtured me and helped me reach my goals"

Leticia D. McGowan

Jill Louis bw

"Inclusion means including our philanthropic voices"

Jill Louis

Renee Sample bw

"My parents taught me that giving back is imperative"

Renee Sample

renee gadson bw

"Women can change the world when we work together"

Renee Gadson

Kristi Nelson bw

"I want to make a conscious effort to improve our community"

Kristi Nelston

Cheryl Alston bw

"I want to make a difference for future generations"

Cheryl Alston


"It is our duty to nurture hope, be compassionate and with every deed sow a seed.

Maviea Easter

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